Our dojo is dedicated to training in the Okinawan martial art of Goju-ryu Karate-do (Gohakukai). We began training together over a decade ago under Sensei Mario McKenna (Vancouver Kowakan). Currently, we train as a group with occasional guidance from Sensei Rob Ross (Pacific Northwest Karate), senior student of Sensei Yoshitaka Kinjo (Taka Karate School).

We are interested in understanding and preserving traditional forms and training methods, investigating and interrogating the techniques embodied in these forms, and discovering how best to apply them. Our training is non-competitive and focused on the mutual respect and self-improvement of our minds, bodies and skills.
Our practices are 120 minutes long and consist of stretching, calisthenics, fundamental techniques (stances, strikes, blocks, kicks, etc.), kata (forms), and paired practice. Variably, we also include pad work as well as traditional strength conditioning (hojo undo, kotekitai, kakie) in our training.
Students are graded at regularly scheduled tests approximately every four to six months. Promotion depends on the individual’s development, not on the amount of time in rank or any other criteria. New material is taught to students as they progress through their current learning.


Brent Zaparniuk

3rd Degree Black Belt in Gohakukai Goju-ryu karate-do and Karate BC NCCP Registered Karate Dojo Instructor. MORE

Maik Hassel

3rd Degree Black Belt in Gohakukai Goju-ryu karate-do. MORE

Warren Mirko

2nd Degree Black Belt in Gohakukai Goju-ryu karate-do. MORE

Corinna Hagel

1st Degree Black Belt in Gohakukai Goju-ryu karate-do. MORE


We are a small, tightly knit dojo committed to the pursuit of traditional Okinawan Karate-do. Many of us have been training together for more than a decade and we regard our training as a significant part of our lives. We are always open to new members, 19 years and older, who share our enthusiasm and dedication.




First two sessions free

Please Note: For insurance purposes, new members are required to join Karate BC, an annual $55 fee. Dojo Fees (which we all pay) are used to sustain the dojo, including paying to rent the space, purchase new equipment for the dojo and to host occasional seminars.

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